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Tuesday, November 21 2017

Tide PODS® offer a 3-in-1 laundry solution. More than just a detergent, Tide PODS® also contain a stain remover and a brightener in one convenient pac. These detergent pacs are filled with a super-concentrated detergent, and their small, compact doses mean minimal hassle for you. Not to mention they're also HE compatible!

You can use Tide PODS® in all types of machines, even HE machines. And, because Tide PODS® are pre-measured, you don’t need to measure or pour messy powdered or liquid detergents. Simply place the pac at the back of the drum before adding clothes.

How to Use

One of the main benefits of detergent pacs is their ease of use. Simply follow the instructions below. Because Tide PODS® also act as an HE detergent, there is no need to treat them differently when using in high-efficiency machines.

How to use Tide PODS®:

How to Dose

  • For small to medium loads, one pac will do.
  • For especially dirty or heavy loads, you can add a second pac.
  • You can use three pods for extra-large loads.
  • Check the instructions on the Tide PODS® package. Make sure the detergent pac goes into the washer drum at the back or bottom and not into the dispenser.

For more information and videos, please follow the below link:

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